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Does This Sounds Familiar?

Has your business faced these graphic design challenges?

Learn more about how working with a graphic designer is the best solution to end these challenges once and for all.

Let's Work Together
  • My DIY designs do NOT have what it takes to stand out from my competition.

    It might be tempting to use pre-made templates from free design websites and simply DIY your brand’s design work. But you, along with hundreds and even thousands of other businesses, are using the same exact designs.

    What’s so special about that?

    My design work is 100% original. Each piece I create is custom made with your audience and brand personality at the core.

  • My sales and marketing materials look unprofessional.

    The easy route doesn’t always yield the best results. From clip-art and mismatched fonts to harsh colors and unorganized content, sub-par design plays a huge role in a sub-par brand image.

    When your business’ materials look professional, you’re more likely to attract your ideal client and have the ability to land those bigger ticket contracts.

  • My visuals are so inconsistent, even I don’t know what our brand is trying to convey.

    It’s important to maintain consistency throughout any and all design work to improve brand awareness.

    Think about it: if you were to see a red and yellow fast food container, you’d know right away which chain restaurant it came from without even looking at the name or logo on the box. This is the kind of recognition every business banks on.

    We’ll work together to make sure your marketing materials, sales collateral, and branding elements are cohesive, keeping you at customers’ top-of-mind.

  • I'm disappointed with the results I received from commercial design websites.

    It’s always a risk when outsourcing to websites that offer cheap work—you never know what you’re going to get. As an independent freelance graphic designer, I provide hands-on, one-on-one attention that you simply can’t get from a large agency.

    Not only will you receive high-quality deliverables, but also the training, experience, passion, and expertise that encompasses everything I create. My ultimate goal is to see your business succeed.

  • I have a creative mind, but I simply don’t have the skills or the professional software to execute my ideas on my own.

    Without the correct knowledge and skills on how to set up print-ready documents, logo file types, or pixel resolution, it can be daunting to get your ideas out into the world the way you envision them.

    That’s where I come in!

    With a BFA in Graphic Design and a daily user in the Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), I have the soft and technical skills to take your ideas from concept to reality.

  • I need the communication and support of a large firm, but I don't have the budget (not to mention the time!) that comes with it.

    When you work with a large team or agency, you often pay for more than what you need. Since they have larger overhead costs that need to be passed on to you, you end up spending more time to complete a project at a higher cost. On top of that, there is often a middle-man involved, such as a Project Manager who needs to pass on your vision to the designer.

    By working one-on-one, I am able to provide quick turn around times to help you get your most important content out into the world fast.

What Previous Clients are Saying

"I'm so thankful for Nina! She took the time to discuss what I did and didn't like about my current branding, how I wanted to appeal to my ideal client, and the design elements I wanted to include.

I now feel so much more confident in my branding as it reflects the professional I am and the type of client I want to attract."

Katelyn Watson


"When working with Nina, I saw that she really thought through the design principals to come up with my new logo, which shows her professionalism and dedication to help my business grow.

I now feel confident in my visuals when representing my brand online.

Kristina Hathaway

My Business Vault

"Nina has created some amazing graphics for our ongoing marketing campaign that fit perfectly with our brand. She is also very punctual and trustworthy.

All I have to do is give her the general guidelines of what I’m looking for, and she delivers amazing results.

I highly recommend Nina both personally and professionally!"

Ksenia Trikoz

Verdi Studio